Safer births

”You have so many images of what your birth should be like before giving birth. But perhaps it is more important to be able to meet whatever comes with a sense of security…”

Anna, mother of one

There is a notion in our culture that giving birth is something soft and idyllic, just like this picture where a newly showered mother is enjoying her new baby. But reality can be far from this picture. In the delivery room there is an ocean of emotions, large and complex as we are ourselves. Strength, humility, safety, feeling lost, despair, pain and anxiety…

Nothing can prepare you totally for this existential journey, but some things can make you stand firmer. Coming to the maternity ward with a partner you trust is important, as is the trusting relationship with a caring and professional team.

But it is also important to come to the delivery room with knowledge and insight about what you might expect and how to meet the sometimes unexpected in the best possible ways. Prolonged labour occurs in 20% of all cases, and is seldom talked about in spite of its high prevalence.

Here you can get more information about what type of support you can get during your delivery.