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June 27, 2018 in Investor News, Medical News, Press Releases

ObsteCare AB förstärker med ett tungt namn i branschen – Claes Blanche

ObsteCare ser fram emot en ökad försäljning och fler distributionskontrakt genom att förstärka sälj och marknadsorganisationen med Claes Blanche som… Read More
June 13, 2018 in Medical News

Workshop in Stockholm

In the beginning of June, obstetricians from five European countries met in Stockholm to share their experiences of AFL®-monitoring. They… Read More


AFL® Clinical application

Studies show that the uterus, like other muscles, gets tired and produces lactate. The uterine lactate concentration is reflected in the lactate concentration in the amniotic fluid. The new parameter is defined AFL® (Amniotic Fluid Lactate).

Improve treatment of dystocia

Prolonged labor is a risk factor for the delivering mother through the increased risk of operative delivery and postpartum haemorrhage. Standard management of dystocia is oxytocin infusion that is ineffective in many situations. AFL monitoring is a good tool to improve outcome at arrested labour.

AFL® metoden ska förhindra långdragna förlossningar


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