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February 17, 2020 in Medical News, Press Releases

A study made by the University of Linköping shows that the number of emergency Caesarean sections decreases 30% by using the AFL®-method

ObsteCare’s method contributes to save 76 million SEK annually to the maternity wards, and the use of Oxytocin will be…
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October 23, 2018 in Medical News

A unique tool to treat prolonged labor presented at Birth Congress

A high level of lactate in amniotic fluid indicates that the uterus is exhausted. To stimulate this kind of labor…
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Improve treatment of dystocia

Prolonged labor is a risk factor for the delivering mother through the increased risk of operative delivery and postpartum haemorrhage. Standard management of dystocia is oxytocin infusion that is ineffective in many situations. AFL monitoring is a good tool to improve outcome at arrested labour.

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