Product Specifications

AFL® Monitoring System DMS061
Stand alone Lactate Measurement Unit, LMU 061, with 15″ touch screen and keyboard for easy input of patient data and partogram parameters. The measurement unit can be placed on a table, wall or be mobile with an optional trolley.

Automatic measurement of AFL® level in samples of amniotic fluid with optional presentation in partogram.

Single use sensor probe, DSAF 061, for measuremet of Lactate in Amniotic Fluid (AFL®).
Measuring range: 0,5 – 25 mmol/l.
Sample volume: 250 – 500 µl.
Coefficient of Variation: above 5 mmol/l typical less than 3,5 %

AFL Measurement Unit (LMU 061) with single use sensor probe (DSAF 061) is a General In Vitro Diagnostic Device complying with Counsel Directive 98/79/EEC (IVD)