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Workshop in Stockholm

By June 13, 2018No Comments

In the beginning of June, obstetricians from five European countries met in Stockholm to share their experiences of AFL®-monitoring.

They represent hospitals using the method in clinical practise, as a tool to improve the care of women suffering from dysfunctional labour. During the work shop, the experience of using the method in practical care was discussed, and clinical experiences shared. These kinds of workshops are very inspiring and valuable. This is an important way to spread the knowledge and the benefits of using the method.

AFL® monitoring is a method where the lactate level in the amniotic fluid is monitored during labour. The AFL® level gives important information about the status of the uterine muscle. That information gives clinicians the opportunity to make the best decisions for mother and child during labour.
By using AFL® monitoring in combination with Oxytocin infusion, unnecessary operative deliveries can be avoided.


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