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The next generation AFL® Monitoring System fulfils CE mark requirements

By December 11, 2020 December 15th, 2020 No Comments

ObsteCare AB (Spotlight Stock Market: OBST) reports that the next generation AFL® Monitoring System fulfils CE mark requirements. This means that a newly developed, modern and more user-friendly system is now available for the European market, and that the AFL® Method is an even more interesting solution for safer and more cost-efficient obstetric care.

“The new monitoring system has many advantages. It is modern, smaller and far easier to use, which makes it more attractive for both distributors and obstetric care professionals. It has been evaluated by obstetricians and midwives who give it raving reviews, and we look forward to offering the new AFL® Monitoring System to the whole European market,” says Carina Lindqvist, CEO.

The AFL® Monitoring System is a patented, scientifically documented and non-invasive clinical solution that significantly improves safety for both mother and child in cases of arrested labour. By measuring the lactate concentration in the uterus, it provides valuable information on how to best progress with treatment. Personalising the use of oxytocin may help reduce unnecessary emergency caesarean sections and postpartum haemorrhages, as well as contribute to a safe natural delivery and improved birthing-experience for the mother.

“Every caesarean section that can be avoided improves the safety for both mother and child. It also saves costs for the clinic and reduces the time the mother needs to spend as an in-patient in hospital care,” says Carina Lindqvist.

The next generation AFL®-Monitoring System is available for all European countries as of today.


For more information, please contact:
Carina Lindqvist, CEO

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About ObsteCare
ObsteCare is a life science company that offers innovative solutions for obstetric care. The solutions include a patented computer-based method for monitoring deliveries, measuring and analysis equipment, as well as various associated training packages. By measuring the lactate level (lactic acid content) in amniotic fluid, the obstetrician receives a key information that has not previously had about the status and ability of the woman and uterus. It is an important tool to personalize the use of pain-stimulating drip and tailor each childbirth. In this way, the right care can be put in place at the right time in the event of painless deliveries, which affect 40% of all women who give birth for the first time. The AFL® system is CE-marked in accordance with the medical device regulations in the EU. The products are sold through own organization within the Nordic region, and through a distributor network outside the Nordic region. The company is listed on the Spotlight Stock Market (short name: OBST).