The right treatment with the AFL®-method

”In the future, we should be able to tailor each delivery to each woman’s individual needs.”

Eva Itzel, obestrician and innovator

Arrested labour is tough. To support you and make you safe when there is prolonged labour, it is essential to understand how the uterus is working.

Midwives and doctors today have a hard time understanding exactly what is happening at these plateaus. The only way today to objectively understand the black box mysteries of the uterus is to actually measure the level of lactate in the uterus, as this is an indication of how the uterus is operating.

If the levels are high, this means the uterus already having reached maximum workload. It cannot be synthetically sparked into action, this will only cause suffering.When the levels are lower, the uterus will recuperate and recharge. It responds well to synthetic stimulation.

By an objective measurement of the lactate level, the health care professionals will be given a safe and more tailor made instrument to support your individual birth giving style. The AFL-method is developed by obstetricians, midwives and engineers. It is performed with minimal interference and no pain for the birth giving mother.

  1. The midwife collects the amniotic fluid which drips from the women during birth.
  2. This fluid is inserted into a probe.
  3. The probe is put in an AFL apparatus.
  4. Within 15 seconds the results are ready.

With this new method midwives and doctors can make safer decisions, and help tailor make your delivery to your specific needs. The method can also lower the risk of postpartum bleeding, infections and tearing of the mother, and of asphyxia to the baby.