Giving birth after a very long time

”… ahhh energy force .. my mind and heart were totally disconnected .. I could not understand what to do or how to do it. All breathing technique learned were forgotten at this point.. .. nothing made sense at the moment. I remember hearing voices, explanations, distant talking, people telling me what to do ..”

Edith, mother of two, who gave birth after four days of labour

After a long birth and tremendous strain and challenges, your post-natal feelings and experiences can be a bit of “extra everything.”. Relief that it is over, tiredness, tear and soreness…

Induced women more often have deliveries with a vacuum extractor, which might affect the risk of tearing. Or she might have had an episiotomy, which creates a risk for an infection. Sometimes there are long standing problems with incontinence and pain when having sex. In some cases the uterus is so worn out that the last part of the delivery, the afterbirth, has to be done manually by the midwife under sedation of the woman.

After such a birth you as a woman need support and some severe TLC. This is a golden opportunity for your partner to lift you and the child up. This is an occasion to ask for help; from parents, relatives and friends. To dare to minimize efforts, and just focus on your own healing and your new little family.