Supporting you in the delivery room

”You had to keep an eye on the medical equipment, that is where kept track of the progress and our baby. So I kept on eye on the machines, and one eye on my missus.”

Greg, dad of four children

A delivery room is a clean place where you need to feel safe with the right equipment to support your delivery. It is about human support, medical professionalism but also about having the right equipment. Here are a few things you or your partner can look out for and ask the staff about:

  • CTG apparatus. How is your baby doing during the stressful process of a delivery? CTG is an apparatus that measure both the heartbeat of the child and how it interacts with your contractions. Read more here.
  • AFL apparatus. This will measure more in detail what goes on in the uterus, and give an indicator of how your delivery will develop.
  • Partogram. This will provide a clear overview of how your delivery is progressing, both for you and your child.Together these three tools provide an excellent basis for your safest delivery.