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Preliminary data from large study supports the benefit of AFL monitoring

By January 28, 2014No Comments

During 2013 a large international multicenter study including 3000 delivering women was closed. Preliminary data from the study support earlier published result, that lactate levels in amniotic fluid (AFL) has a high correlation with labour outcome. AFL can be used as a good bedside tool when treating women suffering from a dysfunctional labour.

By using AFL monitoring in combination with oxytocin infusion, the frequency of operative deliveries can be reduced and delivery times optimized.

​More data from the study will continuously be presented during 2014 starting with SMFM Annual Meeting in New Orleans February 3- February 8, 2014.

​The study was performed 2011-2013 and included approximately 3000 delivering women. The study was run in an international collaboration between hospitals in Sweden, France, Switzerland and Tanzania. In the study healthy primipara women with a spontaneous onset of labour were included.