Solutions for AFL®-monitoring

The AFL® System from ObsteCare is designed to follow the progress and show data that may help the user to improve the outcome of the delivery during active labor.

​Samples of amniotic fluid are collected during labor and analysed at Point-of-Care for the concentration of lactate (AFL test). The system can also, if wanted, be used to enter cervix dilatation. By combining the information of progress with the AFL level, a thorough understanding of the delivery status is obtained.

AFL®-method is built on patented¹ technology and is the only system on the market for Point-of-Care use that is tailored for the measurement of lactate in amniotic fluid.

Securing your investment
Diagnostics using lactate in amniotic fluid is a new and evolving field. To assure access to the latest technology, is modularly designed to facilitate upgrades to encompass future research findings.

All of ObsteCare’s products are offered with extensive service and maintenance programs including software updates.

Easy to learn – Easy to use
Uterus Monitoring AFL® has from the beginning been designed to be easy to install, use and maintain. The emphasis has been on clinical use.

​In order to assure maximum efficiency when introducing the new technology clinical training can be supplied as a part of the product delivery.

¹ US patent no. US 7,318,809
¹ US patent no. 8.172.767