AFL® Monitoring – the solution for dysfunctional labour

AFL® (Amniotic Fluid Lactate) stands for Lactate concentration in Amniotic Fluid. Samples of amniotic fluid are collected during active labor and analyzed for the concentration of lactate. The lactate level is automatically presented point-of-care within 15 seconds

AFL® measurement
Not more than ¼ millilitre of the spontaneously pouring amniotic fluid during active labor is necessary for an accurate measurement of the AFL® level. The fluid can easily be collected with a standard syringe. The fluid is emptied into the single use measuring probe on the measuring unit and the measurement starts automatically.

AFL® monitoring during dysfunctional Labor
Substantial evidence show that a raised lactate level in the uterine muscle leads to inhibition of muscle contractions resulting in dysfunctional or arrested labor. The uterine lactate concentration is reflected in the lactate concentration in the amniotic fluid, which can be measured with a quick and non-invasive AFL (Amniotic Fluid Lactate) test.

A normal AFL® level is a strong indication that using oxytocin according to normal treatment protocols will result in a spontaneous vaginal delivery even if the labour has a slow progress.

A high AFL® level is on the other hand a strong indication that using oxytocin will not improve the probability for a spontaneous vaginal delivery and that the delivery will end in operative intervention.

​However, by individualising your oxytocin infusion depending on AFL® level the probability for an unnecessarily operative delivery can be avoided both if the AFL level is high and low.

AFL Measuring unit

Single use Measuring Probe