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AFL work-shop in Brussels

By October 16, 2017November 12th, 2017No Comments

During 12-13th of October seventeen obstetricians and midwifes from different European countries met in  in Brussels. This in order to discuss and share their experience  on using lactate in amniotic fluid (AFL) to treat dysfunctional labour. During the two day hands-on work shop the experience of using the method and its introduction in practical care was discussed and clinical experiences shared. The workshop was also a good discussions forum for sharing  differences in practice in obstetrics between different countries.

AFL can be used as a good bedside tool when treating women suffering from a dysfunctional delivery. With the AFL-method, lactate level in the amniotic fluid is monitored during labour. The AFL-level gives important information about the status of the uterine muscle, helping clinicians make the best decisions for mother and child. By using AFL monitoring in combination with Oxytocin infusion, the frequency of operative deliveries can be reduced and delivery times be optimized.

Dysfunctional labour is a term describing a slow progressing delivery process and can be caused by inadequate contractions of the uterus. In many cases it will result in interventions, caesarean sections, vacuum or forceps, instead of a spontaneous vaginal delivery. Interventions always increase the risk for complications for both the mother and child and must be avoided if possible