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The AFL-method now introduced at St George’s Hospital in London, UK.

By March 23, 2017 April 2nd, 2020 No Comments

During the second week of March ObsteCare installed its AFL monitoring equipment at St George’s Hospital, London, UK. In conjunction with the installation in-depth training of the staff on the AFL-method was performed. St George’s Hospital is part of a pan-European project of obstetrics clinics that collaborate in order to improve the treatment of women suffering from dysfunctional labour. AFL monitoring is the key tool at dysfunctional deliveries. With the AFL-method, lactate level in the amniotic fluid is monitored during labour helping clinicians make the best decisions for mother and child.

Founded in 1733, St George’s Hospital is one of the UK’s largest teaching hospitals. It shares its main hospital site with the St George’s, University of London which trains NHS staff and carries out advanced medical research. The hospital is situated in the southern part of London. The maternity service delivers almost 5,000 babies a year and provides a special regional service for complicated pregnancies.