About ObsteCare - Company Overview

ObsteCare AB is a provider of medical solutions with a global focus on improving delivery care for both the mother and the healthcare provider. This is done by supplying reliable services and products, facilitating efficient care in maternity wards.


The company was founded on groundbreaking research at the Karolinska Institute, based upon the effect of lactate in the amniotic fluid of delivering mothers. The products originating from the research are the result of more than 20 years of in depth knowledge of the practical situation in delivery wards.


With focus on cutting edge technology, ObsteCare provides innovative solutions helping to improve quality of care during the delivery process. The product line is built on a patented¹ technology and is the only solution available on the market for Point-of-Care use in monitoring lactate in amniotic fluid.

Visions and Objectives

ObsteCare’s vision is to be the market leader in the area of solutions and products for delivery care, for the benefit of the individual patient and the healthcare provider. Through continuous research and development, new solutions will be introduced and existing systems upgraded.

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