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A unique tool to treat prolonged labor presented at Birth Congress

By October 23, 2018No Comments

A high level of lactate in amniotic fluid indicates that the uterus is exhausted. To stimulate this kind of labor with an oxytocin infusion would be like asking a marathon runner to run an extra 10 000 meters after passing the finish line.

A prolonged labor puts high pressure on both the fetus, mother and the maternity wards. Many times, the woman suffer through a long, painful delivery that might causes complications such as postpartum haemorrhage or fetal asphyxia.

By measuring the lactate level, clinicians will get the needed information to make the best decision how to proceed, for both mother and child. To individualize the use of oxytocin, unnecessary cesarean sections can be avoided.

Friday the 16th of November a presentation will be held at the congress, about the value of monitoring the AFL®-level during slow progressing labors.

ObsteCare is exhibiting at the Birth Congress in Venice the 14th-17th of November, highlighting the value of the AFL®-method. Meet us at booth 19.



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